Rural Tourism in Granada

Within everybody´s reach

There is a guide of rural accessible tourism that was recently released: and which makes the Altiplano more accessible to people with some physical disability.

It is widely known the difficulties that disabled people have to face when driving or moving in a city, but these difficulties grow much more when we deal with mobility in towns or villages due to the fact that the Town Halls have not enough resources, or due to the fact that some of them not even care about this problem. The same happens in the case of rural tourism, some owners do not think about people with physical disability and do not have their buildings with the necessary conditions that would make the stay easier to people with some physical problem of mobility.

This guide, then, gives a complete list of the buildings that have the necessary conditions to be used by people with some kind of phisical disability, as well as a list of activities which they can do or practise. Therefore, people with physical problems of mobility will be encouraged to travel and enjoy rural tourism, but it is also a way of attracting the governmental administrations attention to try to have in mind this kind of aspects.

As a consequence, I hope the Altiplano can be within everybody´s reach and everybody can enjoy and visit this wonderful region.

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