Rural Tourism in Granada

Baeza, a Monumental City in Jaén

An old building located in the city centre of Baeza, one of the wonderful cities you can visit in Andalusia (Jaén), is going to be  restored and recovered to be used as a Congress Centre or Palace. The Palace will be placed in an old riding school and it is going to have a total capacity from 650 to 1500 people, therefore, it will become one of the important centres for Congresses in the whole Province.

Úbeda and Baeza are two major cities in Jaén with a large  touristic, historical and monumental legacy which you should not lose to visit. In a land of olive trees and olive tradition you can find Renaissance palaces, churches and buildings which date from the 16th century...

It is very important to take care of our old buildings an recover them for our daily life.

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