Rural Tourism in Granada

Incredible Views: La Sagra in Huéscar

Incredible Views from La Sagra, in Huéscar

Incredible Views from La Sagra, in Huéscar

La Sagra, a 2383 metres high mountain, is located in Huéscar and it is a meeting point for lovers of nature and hiking. People from all over Andalusia, from the east of Spain and from the whole peninsula come here to try to reach the summit.

Although reaching the top is not too complicated, following the path for this purpose, it becomes quite difficult during the winter due to the snow and the ice... so specialized equipment is needed, but there is also another mountain, not too far away, in La Puebla de Don Fadrique, which is lower and where you can enjoy incredible views of La Sagra. It is called "La Sierra de Guillermona". This mountain is worth visiting afert winter, as after the melting of ice is full of small lakes.

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