Rural Tourism in Granada

El Castellón Alto, in Galera

The visit to El Castellón Alto, in Galera is something you should not miss. It is an archaeologic bed included among the seven wonders of the province of Granada.

The archaeologic bed of El Castellón Alto, in Galera, can be visited all year long. You can arrange a phone date in the Archaeologic Museum of Galera (958739276) and have a guided visit which can be 1 or 2 hours long to enjoy the incredible badlands and the cultural aspects of the archaeologic bed. The restauration made in it is incredible and it allows you to understand the structure of the town found there, as well as their culture and civilization. The price of the visit is very economical (2€/person), so I highly recommend you to visit  it, as the human remains found there belong to "La Momia de Galera" (The Mummy of Galera) and they are of  great importance because they are the most ancient human remains found in Europe.

So, I encourage everybody to come to the Altiplano and visit the archaeologic bed of El Castellón Alto, and if you have enough time you should also have a walk in Galera and try the rural caves, which provide you a different way of travelling enjoying high standards of quality.

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