Rural Tourism in Granada

The typical caves in the province

The history of the caves in the province is a story of ups and downs. They were traditionally  used by our ancestors as  buildings for living in a bioclimatic atmosphere, but in the 90s there were almost no caves inhabited in the whole province.

However, in the mid-90s some initiatives took place in Guadix and Galera which changed this situation. Many caves were restored and widened by digging them in the hills and they became places with spacious and capricious rooms that only rural caves can offer us. The restoration projects in Guadix, Galera and Orce were the first in taking place and they became a referent of quality tourism in the whole province. Nowadays we can find different kinds of rural caves in the area of the Altiplano (regions of Baza and Huéscar), and in the region of Guadix and El Marquesado, which can offer us form cave hotels to thermal baths.

Later, in the year 2000, almost all the caves in the area were restored and  used as a rural tourism resort or as a place to live. This restoration process also took place in the region of Alhama de Granada, but this was not the case of the caves in the Sacromonte, in the city of Granada. Yet, this is a story I will tell you later.

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