Rural Tourism in Granada

Campistes and Ryanair

I have recently known about the agreement between Ryanair and the campsites on  the coast of Granada to offer the possibility of selling flight and camping tickets at the same time, which means they would be sold together by any of them, so many European tourists could be attracted to come to Spain and visit Granada, Málaga and Almería, as the agreement has been specially thought for these cities.

The campsites on the coast of Ganada, Málaga and Almería offer a quality service that European tourists should know and enjoy, so it is very interesting the fact that with the help of this agreement, many more tourists will come to Granada, enjoy its beaches, and visit the city, which offers tourists a wide range of possibilites: cultural routes and visits to its main monuments, among them La Alhambra, adventure sports, hikking, theatres and cinemas, and the typical "tapas" which are always given when you ask for a drink.


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