Rural Tourism in Granada

Rural Tourism in Granada

It is quite difficult to take the decision of writing a blog and making your experiencies and feelings known by everybody, and the most difficult of all is  writing them and transmitting them as they really are, but the case is that my personal experience is quite particular too because I was born in Barcelona, though I have been living in this area for many years. I came to this area and I became so delighted by it that I settled here, which gave me the opportunity of knowing the Province much better.

From this blog I will try to write about my personal experiences in the Province of Granada, in the south of Spain, and about the places I have visited, hoping to transmit the beauty of this region to the people interested in rural tourism. I will try to cover the Porvince of Granada and recomend all the touristic places, well-known or less-kown,  that have impressed me most, places with natural beauty, monuments, cultural visits, traditional festivities or places to stay that have a special charm: cave houses, rural cottages, rural hotels...

I hope to transmit the beauty of the different places of this Province, some of them as unkown as spectacular.

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