Rural Tourism in Granada

The High Plateau of Granada (El Altiplano de Granada)

I would like to start talking about the High Plateau of Granada. I have to recognize that not too long ago this region was not too well-kown by me. I had already been to Castril and I had been hiking in its Natural Park near the source of the Castril River, but I did not even think of going anywhere else.

However, some years ago I was attracted by the idea of sleeping in a Cave House, so I decided to have a try in Galera. The experience was totally amazing, first of all because of the fact of sleeping in a Cave House and then because of the things I could see and feel: a small and hospitable town with incredible landscapes.

It was quite a surprise to find badlands next to Natural Parks full of water and life such as the Natural Park of Sierra de Castril and the Natural Park of Sierra de Baza. It was a delightful contrast of landscapes.

I hope to suggest you some paths to practise hiking in following posts and cultural visits that you should not lose, visits to archaeologic beds such as the one called "Castellón Alto" in Galera, chosen among the 7 wonders of the Province of Granada, or the visit to Orce to see "El Hombre de Orce", considered by experts as one of the first human beigns to settle in Europe.

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