Rural Tourism in Granada

Orce and the First Europeans

Orce, one of the towns in the High Plateau of Granada (Altiplano de Granada), is well-known because of its landscapes, its narrow streets, its castle, the Segura´s Palace, and most important, because of the archaeological remains that were found there.

The town has also got some villages around, which are part of it. They are Fuente Nueva, Venta Micena and Puente de La Rueda. Their inhabitants make a living with the agriculture and cattle raising. It is also important to higlight the Segureño Lamb (Cordero Segureño), which is very important in the whole High Plateau, as it is unique in the whole country, and which has obtained the Protected Denomination from the European Union (I. G. P).

However, the most important fact about Orce are its archaelogical beds found in Fuente Nueva, Barranco del Paso, Barranco del León and Venta Micena, where a piece of a skull was found that belonged to a humand being, known as "El Hombre de Orce" (the Orce man), and which is one of the first human remains found  in Europe. Moreover,  some other remains were found there too: elephants, rhinos, hippos and other mammals remains, and last but not least the remains of an ancient village in a place called El Cerro de La Virgen. Some of these rests of history can be seen in the museum of Orce. So I recommend you not to lose the opportunitiy of knowing something else about the first inhabitants in Europe.

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