Rural Tourism in Granada

Baza and its Arabic Baths

Baza, which is one of the biggest towns in the High Plateau of Granada (Altiplano de Granada), is full of things to do and visit. It is also full of Cave Houses and Arabic Baths, one of which is La Marzuela Arabic Baths.

The Town Hall of Baza has arranged a date for the opening of La Marzuela Arabic Baths. They were restored a year ago, although they have not been opened to visitors yet. According to the achitect who was in charge of the project, the baths are going to have lots of information, so that the visitor can have a wide knowledge of the monument and of how it was used. Moreover, the visitor is going to have audio-visual resources to make  the comprehension of the monument easier. The Arabic Baths are going to be opened in a period of five months approximately.

So, this is a good opportunity to visit Baza and surroundings, as  you can also find Cave Houses in the town and you can also have the opportunity of trying a bath  in some of the Arabic Baths you can find there.


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