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Cave Houses on TV

Some weeks ago, a TV programme about cave houses was broadcasted on TV. It was quite an interesting programme, as not only showed caves and cave houses, but also the way they are built. The  report appeared on a programme called "El Escarabajo Verde" (The Green Bettle), on the second Channel of the Spanish TV (Televisión Española).

The programme was about cave houses as a way of living which has been adopted for centuries by people in the High Plateau of Granada (Baza, Guadix, Huéscar, among the most important towns). That´s why I highly recommend you to watch this programme if you have the opportunity, even though you don´t understand Spanish, the images will be something quite new and surprising that you won´t be able to lose it.

You can see the programme in the following web:

I hope you like it a lot.

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Nick -

First of all, congratulations on your site. Very well done and information and sites like this are needed to show the true beauty and how spectacular this area of Andalucia is and how much there is to see and do in the areas of Baza, Guadix, Huescar, Pozo Alcon, etc. here in the northern part of Granada and Almeria.

The programme about caves here in the area is really well done and very interesting to watch. Now it just needs sub-titles in English. I probably have one of the best professions there are here because I get to spend most of my time driving around the region showing our visitors the area and cave houses and farmhouses we have for sale here in the rural areas and the towns that are shown in the video.

I find that most people are amazed at the incredible variety of landscapes that exist within such a relatively small area. Literally, ever 20 min. driving, a different landscape, a lot of people say that they feel like they’ve been to several different countries in just a 60 mile trip. The most common feedback I get, from first time visitors or those that have only visited other areas, when driving around is “I didn’t know that southern Spain could be like this.”

I suppose there aren’t many areas in the world where you can wake up in your eco-friendly cave house, take off in the morning, drive up the Sierra Nevada to go skiing, come back down go kayaking or sailing or fishing on one of the 5 local lakes, take off hiking through the “Badlands” (or something like the surface of the moon for lack of a better description), drive into the woods in the mountains to see the local wildlife (deer, fox, wild boar, mountain goats, hundreds of varieties of birds, etc.) and cap it off watching the sunset over the mountains with a beer and free tapas and a long soak in one of the local medicinal hot springs or spas. Life doesn’t get much better than this…and of course, the most important thing, the locals are great people and can really make your time here special.
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¿Y esta publicidad? Puedes eliminarla si quieres