Rural Tourism in Granada

Important Festivities in Andalusia

For a period of a year "la Junta de Andalucia", the Andalusian Government, has declared 55 places of Touristic Interest. All these places are located in the different Provinces of Andalusia. This fact is important because it has into account different aspects as festivities, routes, important events, trips, paper publications and audio-visual works which develop the area values and which are of some relevance form the touristic point of view.

In Granada the ones which have been declared of Touristic Interest are the following:

The festivity of "Moros y Cristianos" (Moors vs Christians), which is celebrated in Benamaurel, in the High Plateau Region (Altiplano de Granada).

Pennings in Guadix and the Marquesado area.

Festivity of the Wine Fountain in Cádiar, a town in the Alpujarra. It is highly recommended the wine elaborated in Alqueria de Morayma, a touristic complex with ecological harvests and fields.

And finally:

Surrender Festivities in Santa Fe.

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