Rural Tourism in Granada

La Vidriera, a New Hotel in the Country

La Vidriera, a New Hotel in the Country

A new hotel, "El Pinar de la Vidriera", will be opened in June. It is located in the North Province of Granada, near the border with Jaen and close to La Sierra de Segura, in the area of Huéscar.

It takes its name from the glass oven and the glass workshop that was built there in the beginning of the 16th century. During this period glass became very appreciated by the Spanish Nobility, and a Secretary of the Catholic Queen and King built a glass oven in Castril, his hometown. Following his example, the nobleman who was the owner of El Pinar decided to build a glass workshop in the building, taking advantage of the pine trees that sourrounded the building and the sand he needed for making the glass. Many objects were created: bottles, jars, etc.

This building was recently bought and restored by the Andalusian Government and it will join the Tourist Net of Andalusian Quality Villas.

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