Rural Tourism in Granada

Easter is Here Again

Easter is Here Again

Easter is coming and Granada is preparing for it. Easter is a time for religion in The whole Province... People like taking part in the Religious Life of their community these days.

It is a tradition for many people around "El Altiplano de Granada" to join the procession as viewers or taking part in them: carrying the religious images, playing music in the bands or taking part as "nazarenos". In the High Plateau of Granada there are many towns with processions to visit during these days. One of the most famous are the Easter celebrations which take place in Cuevas del Campo, as the people in the town perform the different events taking place during the last days of Jesus´s life. But there are many other processions, which are important too, as for example the processions in Huéscar, Baza or the city of Granada itself.

It is a good opportunity to visit Granada and join the religious life of the city, as well as a good opportunity to visit new places during Easter.

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