Rural Tourism in Granada

Rural Granada

The Tourism Association of the Region of Granada is developing a very curious initiative, as taxi drivers from different European cities were invited to a free stay in the city of Granada so that they got to know more about the city and its Province. The objective of this initiative is that taxi drivers, among them the Pink Ladies, can know the region and therefore they can transmit their knowledge to their custumers in their own country. They will also get some benefits from this initiative,  as they wil receive extra money for the tourists they send to Granada with a recommendation card.

It is quite a new initiative and it has been very well received among hotels, restaurants, rural cottages and  rural caves from the whole Province of Granada: from the coast to the High Plateau. This means that many more people will come to Granada and will visit the beautiful landscapes we have in this quiet part of Spain.

I hope tourist coming to Granada can enjoy the peace and quiet lifestyle we all enjoy here, as well as the cuisine, the typical "tapas", the culture and the nice people.



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